Our Success Stories

Abo-Soma Development Group

SomaBay reinvents hospitality with utmost passion every day. As a world-class destination defined by enchanting landscapes and extravagant living, they dauntlessly pursue perfection in the intricate designing of visitors every experience

Soma Bay has many resorts such as Sheraton, Robinson Club and THE CASCADES. They Provide a sporting and social focal point for soma bay’s visitors, cantering on a stunning deserts links-style golf course. Soma bay is well known for its beautiful beaches and for its location directly on the seashore.
Al-Rajhi Agriculture & Infrastructure Co. Al Rajhi Agricultural Infrastructure Company (RAIC) is an associate company of RAII and was incorporated in 2015 with its head office in Jeddah. RAIC forms an important arm of RAII to provide the engineering, procurement and construction role in the development of the agricultural projects which have been established by RAII and will in future also be able to provide services to 3rd parties.
Senzo Group The first “real” shopping mall in Hurghada, since its opening is a major destination for those who want to replace the city rush enjoyment. Diverse shops known for local and international brands offer visitors always current fashion collections, as well as an excellent selection of home appliances and other products. Fresh and tasty specialties will provide a real break for all visitors, bringing additional energy for all-day fun in Senzo Mall.  
Montajat Pharmaceuticals Montajat is a family- owned multi-national company manufacturing veterinary medicines, biologicals and biosecurity products, agrochemicals, fertilizers and public health products. With businesses established in over 50 countries and turnover exceeding USD 67 million (FY 2017), it has become one of the most popular generic companies in the developing world of Middle- east, Africa, CIS, and Asia. Animal Pharm- UK has ranked it as the world’s 43 rd. largest company globally.
REAS-MAGHREB REAS specializes in the sale and distribution of photovoltaic components, enabling it to build solar farms and photovoltaic installations up to several megawatts. REAS collaborates with renowned producers of solar panels, inverters, and assembly systems.

AE Photonics contributes to the development of the renewable energy sector through its interventions in:

commercial space & industry
installations on waste ground
solar pumping systems
private facilities